VB400 Vertical Bench Top Optical Comparator

The VB400 vertical benchtop optical system has a 16" screen, 8" X-axis and 4" Y-Axis travel with fine adjustment, zero backlash and fast traverse, 16" x 9" top plate, quick change bayonet fitting lenses, Q-axis digital protractor with angular measurements to 1' resolution and your choice of powerful Quadra-Chek or MetLogix software control systems. A time tested, cost effective, solution for non-contact measurement. They are simple to use, yet have great capacity and performance to satisfy an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications and complex measuring requirements. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage which combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. Vertical systems are ideal when the parts to be measured are flexible or soft (plastic, thin stampings or electrical components) that are placed on the glass insert of the workstage.

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  • System Type: Bench Top
  • Part View Orientation: Vertical
  • Screen Diameter (in): 16"
  • Screen Diameter (mm): 400
  • X - Y Measuring Range (in): 8" x 4"
  • X - Y Measuring Range (mm): 200 x 100
  • Linear Glass Scale Encoder on X & Y Axis: Standard
  • Focus Range (in): 4"
  • Focus Range (mm): 100
  • Work Stage (in): 16" x 9"
  • Work Stage (mm): 400 x 225
  • Load Capacity with Negligible Deflection (lbs): 22
  • Load Capacity Maximum (lbs): 50
  • Angular Measurement Resolution: 1 Minute
  • Profile Illumination: Standard
  • Surface Illumination: Standard
  • Quick Change Lens Mount (Lenses Not Included): Single
  • Collimating Condenser with Yellow/Green Filter: Standard
  • Control System / Software: QC100/200, M1, M2
  • Display (Control System Dependent): QC DRO or 15.6" Touchscreen PC
  • Optical Edge Detection: Optional
  • Lenses (One Required, Not Included): 10X, 20X, 25X, 50X
  • Precision Centers & Vees: Optional
  • Helix Center Support Fixture: Optional
  • Precision Rotary Work Stage: Optional
  • Cabinet Stand 23": Optional
  • Canopy and Curtains: Optional