Grips Fixtures
Starrett offers a full range of test fixtures, grips and accessories. Test fixtures are compatible with all Starrett systems and test frames. Starrett can also engineer and supply custom test fixtures to your exact requirements.
Button Fixtures

Used for terminal and crimp strength testing. Designed to quickly change between wire sizes.

Peel Fixtures

These are suitable for determining adhesive strength on a variety of adhesive tapes, thin film coatings, copper runners and more. Fixed 90° and adjustable models are available.


Made from aluminum and steel for compression applications; available in fixed or self-leveling for soft samples, cardboards, plastics, steel, stone, foam, and more.

Pneumatic Fixtures

Pneumatic actuation is used to open and close the jaw faces on these grips, ideal for high volume testing and maintaining a consistent clamping pressure.

Roller Fixtures

An excellent self-tightening fixture for materials that deform under load, idea for flat samples, rollers available in smooth, rubber, or serrated jaw faces.

Rope Fixtures

Use these for testing materials like rope, cable, filaments, yarn and more. They are designed to ensure proper sample alignment and prompt a correct sample break.

Scissor Fixtures

A self-tightening grip with a large variety of jaw faces available, great for general purpose testing of elastomers, plastic, rubber, textiles and more.

Vise Action Fixtures

A perfect easy sample loading option, these grips are tighten manually and keep alignment simple, jaw faces come in a variety of sizes and surface finishes.

Wedge Action Fixtures

Designed for easy loading and alignment these fixtures can be equipped with smooth, serrated, v-notch, diamond-coated and rubber jaw faces. Wedge-action fixtures apply an increasing clamping…

Jaw Sets

Equip your fixture with smooth, rubber, serrated, v-notch, wave and diamond coated jaws to suit your application requirements.