SCISSOR-341S-1 Scissor Fixture 03185

The Starrett SCISSOR-341 Series is a miniature pincer test fixture with a load capacity of 100N (22lbf). Its ideal for testing small components such as electrical connectors, fine wire etc. The SCISSOR-341 Series has serrated jaws with a 5x6mm clamping surface. The maximum jaw opening is 4mm. The SCISSOR-341 Series is supplied as a single fixture (1 grip).

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  • Easy-to-Use Testing Fixtures
  • Self-tightening onto Test Specimen
  • Large Clamping Surface Makes Sample Alignment Easy


  • Load Capacity: 100N (22lbf)
  • Adapter Size: 15.9mm, (5/8in)
  • Material of Construction: Steel
  • Opening Width: 0 - 4mm
  • Sample Width: 6mm
  • Face Type: Pyramid
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +180°C
  • Packaging: 1 Each
  • Weight (each): 95g