M-1.15 Dispenser 93251

The M-1.15 spray dispenser bottle can be refilled which saves money and prevents the unwanted disposal of empty cans. (Sold as empty spray dispenser)

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  • Prevents unwanted waste of empty cans
  • Refillable from bulk containers of M1
  • Holds up to 1 pt. of M1


  • Container: Spray bottle
  • Quantity (oz): Empty
  • Quantity (l): Empty
  • NSF registered: N


    Starrett M1 Oil (Bulletin 2008)

    M1 lubricant produces a micro-thin, airtight coating that dries instantly, offering immediate and long-lasting protection. Unlike competitive products, the dry M1-coated surface will not attract dirt, dust or other contaminants, resulting in extended product performance.