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254MZ-300 Master Vernier Height Gage 56214

The Starrett 254 Master Vernier Height Gage is an accurate, rugged and reliable tool that gives precise and dependable measurements over long ranges. It has an easy-to-read vernier, is stronger, and is offered in greater ranges than other height gages. 0-300mm Range, 0.02mm Grad with Case.

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  • 50-division vernier scales permits half as many bar graduations as single vernier tools. These graduations provide easy reading to 0.02mm
  • Flush fitting of the vernier scales to the main scale eliminates parallax. Vernier scales are adjustable
  • Black lines and figures against Starrett satin chrome finish make reading easy
  • Scriber and base are designed for direct reading from zero (bottom of base)
  • Quick-adjust release on the slide allows for fast positioning
  • Extremely fine adjustments by a knob on the base isolating the column and slide from external pressures
  • Additional remote fine adjustment located on top of the bar for sizes 36 (900mm) and larger
  • Special master bar design and the balanced design and weight of the base eliminates vibration
  • Master bars on models up to 24 and 600mm are hardened and stabilized
  • Base is hardened, ground, and lapped square with the bar and has finger grooves to provide ease of movement
  • Vertical bar is positioned near the center of the base for balance and stability
  • Versatile tool will scribe lines, mount dial indicators or electronic probes, and accept depth attachments


  • Range (mm): 0 - 300mm
  • Graduations (mm): 0.02mm


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    1NUT,5/16-18 SPLITPT143211
    2BASE #254-1214304-01
    3BAR, MASTER HGT GAGE13363-01
    6PIN, GIB14318-01
    7SCREW, 1/4-20 LOCK X .593 LONG14319-01
    8SCREW, #5-40 SLOT X .306 LONGPT166078
    9LEVER, FINGER #25414322-02
    10ROD, SPLIT NUT SPRPT143232
    11SPRING, .091X.125X.813X.017X14PT143244
    12SCREW, .100-56 SLOT X .236 LONG14325-02
    13FENCE, SPLIT NUT BOX14326-01
    14COVER, BOX FENCE14327-01
    15SCREW, #5-40 BHCS X .500 LONGPT143284
    16PLATE,BAR TIP14329-01
    17SCREW, 5/16-18 SHCS X .750 LONG14332-02
    18BELT, TIMING #25419743-01
    19PULLEY, TIMING19744-01
    20SHAFT, ADJ. GEAR19748-01
    21KNOB, ADJUSTING #25419749-01
    22SPR WSHR, .266X.490X.01008046-03
    23COVER, GEAR RECESS14341-01
    24SCREW, #5-40 SLOT X .339 LONG14342-04
    25SCRIBER HT.GA. AUXPT143431
    26SCRIBER CAR., #254PT992050
    28•SCREW, #10-32 LOCK X .552 LONGPT143451
    29ROD, 5/16-18 ADJ.14348-01
    32SHIM, VERNIER PLATE13864-02