1100M-1200 Heavy-Duty Dial Indicator Diameter Gage 65029

Dial Indicator Diameter Gages measure both outside and inside diameters by comparing dimensions to gage blocks or an adjustable setting master. Each gage consists of a strong rectangular box beam with a sensitive gaging contact at one end and a reference gaging contact at the other. The 1118 gages combine heavy-duty construction features with adaptability for a wide range of internal and external measurements. The adjustable dowel rest legs ride on slotted mounting plates for horizontal adjustment. Each of the legs are vertically adjustable to obtain the proper rest position on the work and correct alignment on the gaging contacts. 2" or 50 mm range vertical adjustment. Radiused gaging contacts. The indicator can be rotated through to 360 Deg for a convenient gage should be checked against our 1126 Master for a precise reference standard during production gaging. Range: 450-600mm, Graduation: .01mm

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  • The sensitive contact transfers dimensions to the dial indicator through a linear friction-free mechanism
  • There are two gage feet at the reference end and one foot at the sensitive end of the gage to set the gage on the work and align the contacts
  • Gage depth is set by adjusting the gage feet up or down
  • A lever-actuated reverse mechanism loads the gage for either inside or outside diameter measurements
  • The gage contacts are easily changed to I.D. or O.D. gaging by turning them end for end
  • Unless otherwise specified, the dial indicator sent with the gage reads in .0005" increments with a total range of +/-.030"
  • The dial has a double row of graduations reading in opposite directions - minus in red and plus in black


  • Range (mm): 450-600mm
  • Graduations (mm): .01mm


    Member of Kit
    Item #DescriptionPart No.QtyInformation
    3SCREW, #3-56 SLOT X .263 LONG (BLACK)23447-04
    4SCREW, .#3-56 X .125 LONG BUTTON HEAD08195-02
    5GAGE,DIAL 42-48" RAN30191-01
    6•SCREW, #8-32 FHCS X .500 LONG30629-05
    7•BRACKET, CONTACT30113-02
    8•SCREW, #10-32 FHCS X .500 LONG30118-02
    9•SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X .625 LONG30179-02
    10•PLATE,PANTO SHOCK30112-01
    11•SCREW, #5-40 SLOT X .188 LONG30111-04
    12•BEAM, GAGE 42-48"30128-421
    14•SCREW, #4-40 BHCS X .250 LONG30117-04
    15•SCREW, #6-32 SHCS X .375 LONG30944-04
    16•HOUSING, INDICATOR30107-01
    17•PLUG, PIPE30116-01
    18•SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X 1" LONG30240-01
    19•HOUSING, INDICATOR30129-01
    20•SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X .375 LONG30627-04
    21•PLATE,BEAM END COVER30121-02
    22•GAGE PRELOAD ASSEM.30102-01
    23••SPR, .217X.182X1.9730251-01
    24••PLUNGER, GAGE SPRING30147-01
    25•BLOCK, REED ASSEMBLY30101-01
    26••BLOCK, PINCH #110030176-01
    27••BLOCK, PINCH #110030177-01
    28••NUT,REST LEG ADJ TEE30142-02
    29••LEG, REST ASSEMBLY30175-02
    30••SHOCK PLATE30159-02
    31••SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X.750 LONG30141-02
    32••SCREW, #8-32 BHCS X .375 LONG16563-04
    33•GAGE ASSEMBLY30103-01
    35••LEG, REST ASSEMBLY30166-01
    36••BLOCK, PINCH #110030176-0(2)1
    37••NUT,REST LEG ADJ TEE30142-0(2)1
    38••SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X.750 LONG30141-01
    40•••LOCK, DOVETAIL GIB30158-02
    41•••SCREW, #10-32 SHCS X.750 LONG30141-02
    42IND, 25-181-624 MET.31444-01
    43•SCREW, #3-56 SLOT X .556 LONGPT093522
    44•CASE SUB-ASSEMBLY FOR 2 TO 3 GEAR22700-01
    45•SCREW, #4-48 SLOT X .231 LONGPT092841
    46•CAP, CASE STEMPT093571
    47•BEZEL CLAMP, PLASTIC23417-01
    48•SCREW, .140-40 CLAMP X .281 LONGPT111551
    49•PIN, RACK GUIDE #25PT068481
    51•SCREW, #1-64 SLOT X .154 LONGPT093482
    52•SPRING, .105X.125X.4688X.010PT066261
    53•BRIDGE/PLATE ASSEM.11268-01
    55•••BRIDGE #2509414-01
    56•••BEARING, JEWEL #25PT094221
    58•••PIN, .094X.30009425-02
    59••PLATE SUB ASSEMBLY09429-01
    62•••PIN, .093X.11109431-02
    63••SCREW, #3-56 PHILLIP X .263 LONGPT094244
    64••SCREW, #1-64 SLOT X .148 LONG23449-01
    65••POST, HAIRSPRING11287-01
    66••PINION, HANDPT089731
    67••HAIRSPR GEAR ASSEM.09289-R1
    70•BEZEL & CRYSTALPT994191
    71••BEZEL IND., PLASTICPT234161
    72••CRYSTAL, #25PT066221
    73•SPR WSHR,1.593X2.020X.006PT06673A1
    74•HAND, #25PT083081
    75•HAND, #25 TELL TALEPT066611
    77•RACK,5mm RANGE05284-01
    79•CONTACT POINT,3/8 #2PT06632-21