243-6 Firm-Joint Hermaphrodite Caliper, 6" Size and Capacity, Flat Leg 51143

Starrett 243 Firm-Joint Hermaphrodite Calipers feature a round, adjustable leg and an improved firm-joint, allowing joint adjustability at any tension. Also includes offset leg with an adjustable point. Starrett Hermaphrodite Calipers are used in layout work for locating and testing centers, laying off distances from an edge, and more. Machinists and Toolmakers have a wide selection from which to choose. Caliper size and capacity is 6". Firm-Joint, 6" (150mm).

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  • Actual measuring capacity is approximately one-third greater than the leg size
  • The rugged, properly shaped legs are made of finely finished, high-grade steel
  • Round, adjustable leg
  • Improved firm-joint, which allows the joint to be adjusted at any tension
  • The leg that holds the adjustable point is offset


  • Type: Hermaphrodite
  • Size and Approximate Capacity (in): 6"
  • Size and Approximate Capacity (mm): 150mm
  • Joint Type: Firm Joint
  • Leg Style: Flat Leg