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Latest Video Uploads

Syringe Pull/Push Test

Published: 2020-07-15

Using a Starrett FMM Series Frame and L2 Plus Software, an extraction/insertion test is conducted to measure the force needed to draw and expel liquid with a syringe.

Jig Saw Blade and Hole Saw vs. Plexiglass

Published: 2020-06-29

Get a smooth, desirable cut through Plexiglass using the Starrett BU36T Jig Saw Blade or a Starrett Carbide Tipped Hole Saw.

Top Load Bottle Test

Published: 2020-04-20

The top load of several plastic bottles are tested using an FMS Series Force Measurement Machine and L2 PLUS Software by Starrett.

Spring Rotary Table

Published: 2020-03-19

The Starrett Spring Rotary Table allows for the pass/fail testing of multiple springs, as well as detail information gathering, including free length, spring rate, and critical load and distance points.

Trigger Pull Test using Starrett Force

Published: 2020-01-28

Starrett Force Measurement Systems can conduct a trigger pull test to measure the force needed to pull the trigger of a firearm. Repeatability allows for graph comparison and quality control.

3X POWER Reciprocating Saw Blades

Published: 2019-12-20

The new Starrett 3X POWER Recip Blades combine increased longevity with a new tooth design for a quicker cut that will last. Each blade has a reinforced shank for additional dependability and safety. Find the new 3X POWER blades online here:

Handheld Force Gages: Firmware Update

Published: 2019-11-11

An overview of how to update the Firmware on your Starrett DFC or DFG Handheld Force Gage.

Handheld Force Gages: Flip Display

Published: 2019-11-11

The Starrett DFC and DFG Handheld Force Gages offer a flipped display for testing.