490-18-4R Bevel Protractor 52512

Starrett Bevel Protractors have revolving turrets with direct reading double graduations a full 0 to 180 Deg in opposite directions. This permits direct reading of angles above or below the blade. Equipped with a handy spirit level. 18", 4R Grad, Reversible, Black Smooth.

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  • Direct reading 0-180 Deg in opposite directions, permitting the direct reading of angles and supplementary angles
  • Reversible, there is a shoulder on both sides of blade, allowing the tool to be reversed so the same angle can be scribed or measured left and right
  • Reversible Black Smooth Finish
  • Reversible lock bolt allows choice of which graduated side of the blade faces the operator
  • Protractor heads are made of stable cast iron and finished with a choice of attractive black wrinkle finish or smooth black finish
  • Tempered steel blades with accurate, machine-divided graduations
  • A spirit level indicates when the base reference surface is level - a feature not usually available on comparable protractors


  • Blade Length (in): 18"
  • Graduation Type: 4R
  • Blade Graduations (in): 8ths, 16ths, Quick Reading, 32nds, 64ths
  • Blade Finish: Regular
  • Range (Deg): 0 - 180º
  • Protractor Type: Reversible
  • Protractor Finish: Black Smooth Finish