1015MA Portable Dial Thickness Gage 56131

After inserting work between the measuring contacts, releasing the lever will cause the spindle to contact the work, giving an accurate size reading because measuring pressure is independent of the user. 10mm Range, 0-100 Dial, 0.01mm Grad, without Case.


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  • The contact edges are radiused to prevent the work from being marred or deflected.
  • The flat contact area measures 6.3mm (1/4") in diameter and is 0.125mm (1/8") thick.
  • Indicators have jewel bearings and continuous dials.
  • Special contact sizes and shapes are available by request.


  • Type: Dial Hand Gage
  • Range (mm): 10mm
  • Graduations (mm): .01mm
  • Dial Reading: 0 - 100
  • Throat Depth (mm): 63mm