C359FZ Precision Universal Bevel Vernier Protractor with SLC 66929

Starrett 359 Precision Universal Bevel Vernier Protractors with fi ne adjustment are designed for precision measuring and for laying out angles. The protractor is one of the most valuable and useful tools for the kit of every good toolmaker, inspector or machinist.

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  • 7" and 12" blade size
  • 5 min or 1/12 degree graduation
  • Product comes with a case
  • Includes redemption card for Standard Letter of Certification (SLC)
  • Satin chrome finish on all reading services eliminates glare and resists rust
  • Sharp, machine-divided graduations
  • Both the dial and the blade can be locked independently
  • Graduations in Degrees through 360 Deg


  • Blade Length (in): 7" & 12"
  • Blade Length (mm): 175mm & 300mm
  • Graduations: 5 min. or 1/12 degree
  • Range (Deg): 0-360