665JZ Inspection Set - Complete with Components and 25-131J Inch Reading Indicator in Case 56275

The Starrett 665 Inspection Set with AGD Dial Indicator is the most versatile dial indicator holder. With an extremely stable base that is 8-1/2" (215mm) long x 2-1/4" (57mm) wide at the bottom. It can inspect workpieces on the top surface of the ground base or within a working area defined by the 8" (200mm) upright base post and the 9-1/2" (238mm) long gage-holding rod. The base post can be conveniently located anywhere along the 8-1/2" (215mm) T-slot in the base. This tool can be held in a vise or by a bolt in a machine T-slot coming up through one of the two 3/8" (9.5mm) holes in the base and fastening down on the top surface. Snug has a .375" (9.5mm) hole for the gage holding rod and a .465" (11.8mm) hole for the upright post. Also comes with the 665L Reducing Bushing (J) that can reduce the .465" (11.8mm) hole to 3/8" (9.5mm). SET, Nos. 665.


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  • Most versatile dial indicator holder with an extremely stable base
  • Includes 25-131J inch reading indicator in case