657MC Magnetic Indicator Holder Set 56355

The Starrett 657A Series Magnetic Indicator Holder Set has been put together for your ordering convenience, but you can mix and match other Starrett test or back-plunger indicators and attachments with the 657A Magnetic Base and Swivel Post Assembly to suit your needs. Base/Post Assembly with 196MB1/PT18718/Points/Adapter.


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  • The swivel post assembly on these holders provides universal adjustment in both horizontal and vertical planes
  • Available with inch or millimeter Starrett Dial Test or Black-Plunger Indicators saving time in shop set-up and other inspection jobs
  • For use with all Starrett Test, Back-Plunger, AGD, Dial and Miniature Dial Indicators
  • Sets include base and post assembly with 196MB1 Indicator, PT18718 Snug, 3 Contact Points, and Contact Point Adaptor
  • Also accommodates similar indicators of other manufacturers