458MBXRS Automotive Disc Brake Micrometer 67541

The Starrett 458 Automotive Disc Brake Micrometer features an advanced sleeve design for precise, easy readability, and its balanced frame and thimble design ensures easy handling. Best used for measuring the depth of wear grooves in disc of brake systems. This model features .300-1.300" Range and .001 Graduation. Micrometers are ratchet stop with carbide face. 25-50mm Range, 0.01 mm Grad, Ratchet Stop, Standard.

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  • Advanced sleeve design for precise, easy readability
  • Quick-reading figures - every thousandth numbered on inch tools
  • Balanced frame and thimble design ensure easy handling and better readability
  • Gracefully designed tapered frame for use in narrow slots and tight places
  • Quick and easy adjustment
  • 3" (75mm) frame with a 3-1/2" (88mm) depth to allow additional reach
  • Flat carbide spindle
  • Carbide anvil with a 60 Deg point
  • Starrett satin chrome finish - no glare - resists rust
  • Combination ratchet and speeder for uniform pressure and quicker adjustment
  • Rigid one-piece steel frame
  • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle
  • Carbide measuring face on the spindle and carbide V anvil
  • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle


  • Micrometer Type: Automotive Disc Brake Micrometer
  • Range (mm): 25-50mm
  • Graduations (mm): 0.01mm
  • Anvil/Spindle Material: Carbide
  • Anvil Type: Pointed
  • Spindle Type: Flat
  • Thimble Type: Ratchet