795.1MXRL-25 Electronic Micrometer with Output 01112

The Starrett 795.1 Electronic Micrometers provide an IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, chips, dirt, dust, and other contaminants in hostile shop environments. The 795.1 includes an RS234 output port for data transmission and works well with Starrett DataSure Wireless Data Collection Systems. The 795.1 full-featured electronic micrometers are built with customary Starrett quality and workmanship. 0-1" (0-25mm) Range,With Ratchet Stop, With Carbide Faces, With RS232 Output Port.


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  • Balanced frame design for comfortable and accurate measuring
  • SPC Output
  • Large, easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD digital readout
  • Starrett No-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve minimizes annoying surface glare under bright lights indoors or filters out UV light
  • No-glare black wrinkle finish on frame
  • Hard and stable one-piece thimble with rachet lock permits one-hand operation of micrometer and uniform contact pressure
  • Inch/millimeter metric conversion provides simple, universal, standardized unit of measurement at any position
  • Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking
  • Micro-lapped carbide measuring faces


  • Micrometer Type: Outside
  • Range (mm): 0-25mm
  • Resolution (mm): 0.001mm
  • Anvil/Spindle Material: Carbide
  • Anvil Type: Flat
  • Spindle Type: Flat
  • Lock Nut Type: Lever
  • Thimble Type: Ratchet
  • Thimble Graduations: Metric
  • Display Type: LCD
  • SPC Output: Yes
  • Accuracy (mm): +/-.002mm