S264WB Center Punch with Square Shank Set 51285

The Starrett 264 Punch with Square Shank features a square knurled grip and will not roll when laid down. It is hardened and properly tempered. The tips are accurately centered and ground at the proper angle to give maximum service. SET, 7, Nos. 264A/B/C/D/E/F/G in Round Plastic Box.


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  • Accurately Centered Tips for Accuracy
  • Knurled Grip for secure holding
  • Will not roll when laid down
  • The points are ground at the proper angle to give maximum service
  • Hardened and Tempered
  • Made of specially selected steel
  • Round Red Plastic Box


  • Material: Steel
  • Set Quantity: 7
  • Sizes Included: 1/16",5/64",3/32",1/8",5/32",3/16",1/4"